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Video Glasses

Glasses with DVR have made a real furor in the world of electronic technology and have become one of the most demanded accessories.

Some models have also affected law enforcement officials who doubt the legitimacy of such shooting on a hidden camera.

Glasses app with DVR
Not always a person manages to capture the happiest and most interesting moments of his life on a mobile phone, camera and video camera.

Going out to nature, going fishing, visiting famous places – any kind of leisure leaves in the memory of people an unforgettable experience.

But memories fade with time, and the accurate capture of moments in comfortable DVR glasses allows you to collect unique frames.

Recording devices have acquired wide use-they are installed as devices on vehicles, with their help many video surveillance systems work. But the legislation established the intended ban on the use of hidden cameras disguised as household appliances.
Application of glasses with DVR in various sports

Glasses with dvr camera are actively sold in many countries, and manufacturers of newly minted devices care about the legality and safety of such devices. The developers of many models have received the official certification of DVR, positioning them as cameras for tourism, sports and leisure.

The multifunction camera built into the glasses is often used for action shooting-these devices enjoy special success in people who engage in extreme sports. Such a device allows by pressing a button to fix the best moments, which occur during entertainment activity (sports skating, motorcycles and skiing).

Glasses with a hidden camera for ease of use are not only not inferior to a standard action camera, but also superior in some parameters. These glasses are a familiar accessory for people, they are compact and look stylish and sporty, which eliminates the difficulty when combined with clothing.

Important settings when selecting a device
When choosing glasses with the camera, a person should know the main parameters of the device, which in the future will determine the performance and efficiency of the device.

The main characteristics include the following parameters:

resolution and recording quality;
design and weight of the device.
The quality of the shot is a determining parameter that affects the resulting images and the operation of the device. Cameras with the brand “HD recording” demonstrate excellent work in comparison with more modest devices. Full HD (high density) recording is a high density recording mode of the material.

Full HD video resolution also allows you to take photos and record quality images in low light conditions. It is necessary to understand that the shooting capabilities determine not only the clarity of the image, but also the quality of audio playback.
Dvr glasses are distinguished by another important parameter-battery life. The operating time of the device from a single full charge determines the number of actions that the user will have time to perform in a given period of time.

The work of most devices is adjusted to the declared time-from 1 hour to 2.5 hours. When choosing glasses, you should pay attention to the operating temperature range (average. parameter-from-10o to + 40o (C).

The external quality of the device also taking into account many users: the design and weight points-dvr full hd camera no less important, declared quality photos and videos. Many owners of such devices distinguish rubber plastic as the best material: glasses with a soft plastic body and lenses reduce the likelihood of injury and have a lighter mass.
A hidden camera with 1280 x 720p (30 frames per second) glasses is built into the soft and comfortable body of the device.

The classic device supports a wide functionality of the action camera, which is used for various activities in everyday life.
The lightweight and comfortable body of the glasses is made of high quality Swiss nylon, which offers high scratch resistance and good impact resistance. The device can work up to 120 minutes without a charging connection.

It is equipped with a mono microphone and a slot for inserting a microSD memory card, the maximum size of which is 32 GB. The transfer of the recorded materials is carried out via the USB cable included in the main kit of the device.
Recently, there has been a boom of DVRs-various devices have acquired wide use in a variety of life situations.

Initially used to fix accidents, recording devices quickly reached a new level of development and were used as accessories used on holidays as action cameras.

Devices from different manufacturers have different properties. Many models of glasses are equipped with additional features that expand the capabilities of the device: synchronization with accounts in social networks and connection to a Wi-Fi network. New inventions of developers improve the work of these useful and indispensable devices.