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Useful accessories for your TV
With the proliferation of TVs with support for stereoscopic image, the question of choosing accessories for viewing 3D content, becomes relevant, and in particular the right choice of 3D glasses. very often, a pair of glasses, to producers to complete their devices, are not enough for the whole family, friends and others who want to join the three-dimensional images.

3D glasses
Today on the market you can see both active and passive 3D glasses. Both options are widespread. Until a few years ago, exclusively active device options were used for TVs. They are based on alternating flashing of lenses, which means that first a person closes one eye, and then the second. In addition, all this happens at high frequencies, so the flicker is not noticeable. In the glasses themselves, a signal receiver is installed that communicates with the transmitter installed on the TV. It is recommended to look at the flicker frequency when buying. It should be the best. Active glasses contribute to rapid eye fatigue, so this technology gradually began to be replaced by the market with passive 3D glasses.
The principle of operation of such devices is based on the polarization of the image. No heartbeat from the lenses here.it it’s much simpler. Each eye perceives certain colors, which also leads to the formation of a three-dimensional image. Only in 2011, Samsung was able to release the first TV, which was able to work with such devices. The fact is that the implementation of polarization is very complex. However, today it is low-cost passive 3D glasses that gradually began to conquer the market. More and more manufacturers began to produce TVs suitable for the use of such equipment.

It is not necessary to buy the first captured 3D glasses. Not all TVs can be compatible with them. Necessarily pre-look at the instances that were supplied with the TV. If they are heavy and have some extra connectors for charging the battery, then they are snap-on or active devices. It is necessary to compare the characteristics of the TV with additional equipment, only then you can buy the best 3D glasses for its technology.

External hard drive
Many modern TVs are equipped with a TV recording function. If you take advantage of it often, you will only need an external hard drive.
Before choosing an external hard drive, you need to look at the specifications of the TV so that no problems occur. Of course, it is necessary to have a USB port on the TV, preferably version 3.0. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the supported tv system: the fact is that in formatted in fat 32 winchester can not record movies larger than 4 GB, so it is advisable to format in NTFS. As a result, the TV should “be able” to work with this file system. When choosing models, it is recommended to pay attention to those that are included with a special device for the TV. Well, the main parameters for an external hard drive are capacity (for a large amount of multimedia content) and speed (so that during playback there are no delays).

With the spread of flat-screen TVs, designers immediately chose an unusual idea-to connect them directly to the wall. This method of fastening has many advantages. First of all, space is freed, which was occupied by cabinets for equipment. Secondly, the wall with the TV becomes a bright decorative accent of the interior. Thirdly, you can choose the most convenient location for watching your favorite TV shows. And, fourthly, the assembly process does not require heavy repairs, since the installation of the TV is carried out with a compact stand. For more information on the choice of bracket for the TV, we recommend reading in a separate article on our site.
Universal remote Control
There are two reasons to buy a universal remote control for the TV. The first option-the remote control is purchased to replace the native remote control, which is lost or broken. Universal remote controls can be configured, but not on all equipment and not on all functions, for example, the remote control may not support the menu function and settings of TV programs, without which the control will be defective.
Second option. The remote control is purchased as a remote control for all equipment, on many devices at once, with all native remote controls available. It is in this situation that you can already “wander” with the choice. And it is better to pay attention to the models of universal remote controls with learning function.

It is recommended to purchase a multifunction remote control with installation via the Internet. The meaning of such settings is that you can download everything you need on the manufacturer’s server. Just select everything you need and set the “update remote control”command.

Wifi Adapter
The most common problem among TVs produced 5-7 years ago is the lack of a wireless Wi-Fi module. The device itself may have an RJ-45 connector for connecting to the Internet. However, this is not always convenient. However, we live in an era of rapid development of wireless technology. So, if the TV is equipped with network functions (for example, it can be connected to a home NAS), then it can be changed by buying a USB adapter. Virtually all manufacturers produce a Wi-Fi adapter for their TVs. When buying a branded device, you will protect yourself from possible problems with the compatibility of the equipment with the TV. Although you can buy a third-party device. The compatibility of the adapter with the TV is the only important aspect in this matter. But you can get rid of the extra strands.
The soundbar will increase the sound quality many times and give you the necessary “volume”. They are excellent in terms of design and provide an acceptable sound. Soundbars entered our daily life after flat screen TVs became really popular. These two devices perfectly interact and perfectly combine in the interior.

Sound quality is the main feature of any soundbar. Power, frequency response, no interference and everything else keep their value here too. But special requirements apply to the surround sound of soundbars, which is not surprising: the soundbar is designed to replace multi-channel acoustics and you need to do it right.
Without low frequencies, it is impossible to achieve natural and high-quality sound. And to solve this problem, many sound bars have an additional woofer in their composition. But as well as active subwoofer only technically impossible to fit inside a thin and compact body of the soundbar, so the subwoofer must support separately from the soundbar. The woofer connects to the panel via radio (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). As a result, it can be installed in any part of the room, where there is an outlet and does not attract attention.

We recommend purchasing a soundbar to focus on its compatibility with your TV. In every way. From the size and thickness, the soundbar should harmoniously fit into the space under the TV, not protruding either at the edges or forward. And it ends with the compatibility of the connectors. Then you need to select the panel according to the audio power and other audio parameters. If you are interested in getting the most realistic surround sound possible, you should look at the soundbar with the best processor to simulate the volume. You should also pay attention to all additional “lotions”.

Webcam and TV
Flagship TV series tend to be equipped with webcams. Smart functions allow you to control the device with gestures, but in most cases the camera is needed to use the popular Skype service. For those who communicate a lot with relatives and friends, perhaps it makes sense to watch the webcam, because it is more convenient to do it in front of the TV.
There are special TV cameras, however, any camera may not be suitable for your TV, the fact is that manufacturers intentionally limit suitable webcam models.

These cameras are different from normal. The fact is that when we work on the computer, we are very close to the webcam. And when we watch TV, we usually sit at a long distance, somewhere on the couch. And it is for this use that such a camera is designed. It has special sensitive microphones that perceive a person’s voice at a long distance. The cost of such cameras is 3-4 times higher than the standard.

This is only a small part of the possible accessories and devices that can be purchased on the TV. Do not forget about the various media players, game consoles, receivers and media. In any case, first of all, pay attention to the compatibility of the purchased hardware with the TV.