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Projection Screens

Home cinemas have ceased to be a luxury item, and today they are available to everyone. Of course, home theater is primarily a surround sound, three-dimensional, clear, immersive in the reality of a movie or Movie View, but even the most powerful sound, it costs nothing without the proper image quality, affected by two factors: a projector and a screen.

After buying a projector, many have the question: “How to choose a screen? After all, their choice is quite wide!». In fact, today the best manufacturers offer a variety of models for every taste and for any purpose. They differ from each other in material, color, shape of the canvas and technical characteristics.

In this article we will talk about what multimedia screens are and present the ranking of the best models for 2021 year.

Variety of screens
All models can be divided into two types: fixed and mobile. They, in turn, are classified by type.

Fixed devices are fixed to the wall or ceiling:

Pull. This canvas is fixed to a special metal or polycarbonate frame. After installation, it is always in an open state on the wall of an apartment or office.
In Rolls. This type is compact and quite easy to use. You can expand it before you start watching a movie and compress it at the end. Roller screens can be motorized or spring loaded. Motorized models open and return to their starting position with an electric motor. Spring loaded in turn is carried out manually, and folds with a spring mechanism. All fixed models of Roll-On type have a wall and ceiling bracket, which makes them universal in the mounting part.
Mobile media screens are also roll-type, but they are all equipped only with spring mechanisms for opening and compressing the canvas. All models are structurally the same and have the ability to hang or install on a tripod, so they can be divided into two types:

Suspended. To hang the canvas in the room where the multimedia demonstration will be held, it must have a stand (hook) firmly fixed on the wall or ceiling.
On a tripod. The type of outdoor installation is the simplest. For her you need a tripod and a relatively smooth surface of the floor. Therefore, such models are the most practical.
The type of projector screen will be the main criterion of choice when buying. But in order not to make mistakes in the selection, you need to know other important parameters. We will examine them further.

What to look for when buying? Recommendations for choosing

Before buying, you should read the detailed description of the product. Here are some important criteria that should be given special attention.

Of course, it is more convenient to purchase the screen together with the projector, since in the operating documentation manufacturers reflect certain requirements for the canvas. Experts can advise which screen is better to buy for the selected projector model. But if there is still a need for a separate acquisition, follow the following tips:

The distance from the canvas to the first row of the audience should be similar to the width of the canvas itself or the value of its double height.
The distance from the ground to the bottom edge of the canvas should be at least 120 cm.
As you know, formatting is the ratio of the width of the illustrated image to its height. Many projection devices for Home Theater are equipped with a screen in 9:16 format. The optimal aspect ratio of the canvas for education, offices-3: 4. For better transmission of the image, its format must match the format of the canvas.

Surface Material
A universal option for home use will be a matte white canvas. To get a bright picture, you need to choose a canvas with a pinch of beads. Such models are used in rooms with bright enough outdoor lighting. To increase the contrast of the image, choose with a shade of gray.

After reviewing all the types and reading the tips for choosing a screen model for a projector, there remains a question: “which company is better?». And here there is no unambiguous answer, because absolutely all manufacturers specialize in the production of lines with a specific purpose. You can select devices for watching movies at home, and you can search for mobile models for your work, which will be convenient to move, constantly install during the presentation and quickly pick up in a case.

Based on the goals of use, you will be able to make the right choice. To do this, we will present a rating of quality models of different brands.