TCL 10L, Unlocked Android Smartphone with 6.53\” FHD + LCD Display, 48MP Quad Rear Camera System, 64GB+6GB RAM, 4000mAh Battery – Arctic White

248.88 $

Brand TCL
Color Arctic White
Memory Storage Capacity 64 GB
Operating System Android
Screen Size 6.5 Inches
Display Type LCD
Cellular Technology 2G
Manufacturer TCL
Other camera features Rear, Front


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TCL 10L, Unlocked Android Smartphone with 6.53\” FHD + LCD Display, 48MP Quad Rear Camera System, 64GB+6GB RAM, 4000mAh Battery – Arctic White
TCL 10L, Unlocked Android Smartphone with 6.53\

The new TCL 10L smartphone offers many useful and quality features at an attractive price. But today it is no longer enough to stand out from the crowd of cheap Android phones.

TCL produces many inexpensive smartphones for telecom operators around the world, which are then sold under the customer brand rather than with the manufacturer. This year, the Chinese company entered the smartphone market under its name-tcl. Model 10L costs about 17 thousand rubles, has good performance, a good battery and a high-quality large screen.

Design and appearance
TCL 10L can not be called ugly, but a special elegance. The back cover is made of plastic, to the touch it looks thin. The camera set is too large and attracts all the attention when the fingerprint scanner below looks clumsy. Although these are minor flaws, they collectively leave an unpleasant impression.
Unit size: 162.2 75 75.6. 8.4 mm, weighs 180 grams. The device itself is light enough for comfortable use, although a small palm can be wide. The back has a pleasant kaleidoscopic effect. At the top is a horizontal module with four cameras, and just below is a mechanical fingerprint reader. Let the scanner be here and not the most attractive in appearance, it works faster than most optical sensors.
At the top there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack, at the bottom there is a USB – C port and a speaker. On the left you will find a custom Smart Key button, and on the right you will find the power and volume buttons. All buttons have a good click when pressed, although they are not easy to reach.
The details of the 10L screen are very high and the colors are transmitted accurately. The screen-to-box ratio is 91% when all free space is mainly moved down, making the top and side frames very thin.

Tests have shown that the display of this mid-range TCL captures 122.1% of the sRGB color spectrum in Live mode by default. This is superior to Moto G Po. it is the LCD panel that captures 97% of the sRGB spectrum. The colors on the screen of the TCL 10L are also correct: Delta-E corresponds to 0.22 against 0.33 for the Moto G effect and 0.32 for the moto G stylus (closer to zero is better).
The maximum brightness is 422 nits, which is a bit, although the panel on the same Google pi .3A shows only 401 nits. I had to increase the brightness to the maximum when shooting on a sunny day to clearly see the controls on the screen.
10L TCL cameras
With bright lighting, images succeed-they have a good depth of field and high accuracy of color transfer. When zooming, you may notice a loss of detail, even if it is not critical.
When shooting with an ultra-wide-angle lens, distortions are visible at the edges of the frame. But for social networks or surfing on the phone this is quite enough. Pictures come out with good quality. But the macro lens in 10L is disappointing-the photos look flat and delicious in detail.
When shooting in the dark, you need to wait for luck. Photos from the 48 MP main lens may turn out to be good if you stick to the phone and use the night mode. However, the depth of field is not enough, there is a noticeable noise. In ultra-wide-angle mode, strong distortions appear at the edges in poor condition.
The front camera allows you to take high-quality photos, even if the background in portrait mode is not the best. How about a low brightness video? Actually this is a great way to get ordinary materials
The TCL 10L smartphone works on the Android 10 operating system, where the TCL UI shell is installed. Although many prefer pure Android, the user interface has a number of intelligent features, such as programmable smart button or n .TVision image optimization technology.
It also has a super Bluetooth feature that allows you to stream music on four Bluetooth speakers .time. In addition to the standard set of Google services, the manufacturer added its own software .which, although it seems interesting, in most cases turns out to be useless. In addition, 10L should receive an update to Android 11 in the future.
Component performance
Inside the TCL 10L there is a snapigprocessor Snapdragon 665 and 6 GB of RAM. Internal memory capacity is 64GB – 43GB is available for use. However, it can increase the space due to the Micro SD memory card up to 256 GB.
All programs run on 10L almost instantly, the device can easily cope with multitasking. You can open a dozen apps and a few dozen tabs in Bro .the S and TCL continue without starting to brake. Although it is not a gaming smartphone, it surprisingly attracts most titles in high graphics settings. Certainly .n loads are sometimes slow, but Asphalt 9 or PUBG Mobile work here with little or no ram loss.
Communication and sound
The quality of communication during conversations is excellent, the maximum volume of the conversational speaker is 86 dB. This will be enough to talk smoothly on the busiest road, when the noise suppression function contributes to clean noise.

A speaker down is installed at 10L. the volume can reach 93 dB, which is enough for calls
Autonomy TCL 10L
This is an average result for a modern device, although the performance of the TCL 10L is significantly lower than that of many competitors. But despite the fact that the device is well optimized to work for long periods of time, the same Moto G-Stylus with a battery of the same size as TCL surpassed it by more than 2 hours.

TCL did not add a Quick Charge feature here, and my test results reflect that. After charging a fully discharged 10L for half an hour, the battery indicator reached only 27%. Compare this to TCL-10 Pro, which can charge up to 50% in 35 minutes thanks to deick Charge 3.0 support.
TCL 10L-a good smartphone at its price, but it is difficult to call it excellent.
The performance of the device is good, the screen is bright and detailed, but the case is cheap, and the sound of one speaker is not impressive. But here is a good camera, and soon the gadget should receive an update for Android 11.
Is it worth buying?
If you have a limited budget, the TCL 10L is a medium-endurance smartphone that can be recommended for purchase if you are not really interested in 3-day battery life.


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