Simple Mobile Samsung Galaxy A01 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone – Black – 16GB – Sim Card Included – GSM

52.57 $

Brand Simple Mobile
Memory Storage Capacity 16 GB
Operating System Android
Screen Size 5.7 Inches
Display Type LCD
Cellular Technology 4G
Manufacturer Simple Mobile
Other camera features Rear, Front
Form Factor Smartphone
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Simple Mobile Samsung Galaxy A01 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone – Black – 16GB – Sim Card Included – GSM
Simple Mobile Samsung Galaxy A01 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone - Black - 16GB - Sim Card Included - GSM

Samsung does not try to be in all price segments, as it is often disadvantageous. Large manufacturers pressed b / c brands in the segment of smartphones up to 10 thousand rubles, made their very competitive, as a result of which second-level manufacturers give in this segment more than large companies. Often they do not have such a strong name, and at the same time they have to get their own at the expense of the opportunities invested in the device. So, models of this segment have acquired fingerprint sensors, on board, as a rule, there is NFC, there is a double main camera.

Samsung did not try to compete in this segment, and the original models of the A series (until recently it was the J series) were still very different from the older brothers. Exactly the same thing happens with the A series, the original model A01 was created for those who choose the Samsung brand, while refusing the opportunity to buy something from another company, from the manufacturer of which is not so well known. It would seem that this is irrational, and there may not be many such people, but it is not. Initial and inexpensive sales of smartphones are still high even for Samsung. But at the same time, the consumer does not get the maximum for his money, but the brand he wanted. And in this aspect, the placement of the A01 is very simple: A Beginner model for those who want a smartphone from a large company. For those who do not want to understand the intricacies of the market, look at other offers.

For Samsung, these budget devices are not very profitable, so the savings go to everything, and in this review we will look at it to the maximum.
Design, dimensions, controls
What does a cheap smartphone require? To look decent, well worn and, if possible, served for a long time. With this there is no problem A01-durable plastic with a matte finish, it tolerates all adversities well. The color solutions are three: black, blue and red, I had two devices with the latest colors.
The body is not marked, the model is small in size, perfectly fits the male and female hand, suitable for children (146.2, 70.9. 8.3 mm, 149 grams). Pleasant touch effect and with the usual control position, on the left side of the volume control, on the right side of the power button, there is a slot for SIM cards and memory cards. The slot is not combined, so you can install two nanoSIM cards and a memory card.
At the bottom-the microUSB connector (which for the target audience is not so bad), as well as the microphone (it’s only on the machine). At the top there is a 3.5 headphone jack the speaker output is on the back, the volume is medium.
The disadvantage of this machine is that there is no fingerprint sensor, biometric only facial recognition, and it is sad, as in many situations fingerprint sensor seems preferable, it is for the needs of the target audience.
The screen specifications are as follows: 5.7 inches, 720 .1520 dots (19: 9), PLS TFT, 301 ppi, automatic brightness adjustment, Corning Gorilla Glass 3. In the settings you will not find many items.
Well, who did not save on matches and left the lighting sensor, adaptive brightness works more or less correctly.

In the sun, the screen is not so readable, but you can still recognize both the text and the image.
Worse, when shooting with the camera, the screen is very different from Samsung’S AMOLED screens, but they cost a little more (on the other hand, the difference with A20 is more than palpable-five thousand rubles, and these are the unique products of different worlds).

For the budget user, home appliances an A01 does not show a bad thing, it is quite quality for its category, on a par with matrices for other companies (this is an excellent screen of this class, only it does not give the user anything more, as you would expect from Samsung).

The front camera is inscribed as a drop on the screen, but today it does not surprise anyone.
The built-in Li-ion battery has a capacity of 3000 mah. For an inexpensive device, this is a good battery capacity, especially since the chipset is quite economical. The machine can work 2-3 days with moderate load (up to 30 minutes of dialing, up to 4 hours of screen). Basically, if you do .loading the entire program, you get about a working day (one hour of speech, up to 1 GB of data, 5 hours of screen work). The battery charge time is about 2.5 hours.
Memory, chipset, performance
The choice of chipualcomm chipset is due to the fact that the decision tried to make it cheaper and is a more profitable option. Here is used Snapdragon 439 (technorma 12 Nm), 4 processor cores Cortex A-53 with a frequency of up to 1.95 GHz, 4 processor cores Cortex A – 53 with a frequency of up to 1.45 GHz, Adreno 505. This is a fairly high-performance chipset, and there are no special complaints, but the overall performance of the system is not very high, since it costs only 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory (initially half is free). EMMC 5.1 memory type, which also shows the budget character of this machine.

Look at the result in the tests.
But in the shell everything is quite smooth, there are no complaints, the device is smooth. Another thing is that playing on it in heavy games simply will not.

Communication skill
In the device there is no NFC, which is a serious restriction for the Russian market. Other options are also unusually ascetic. Thus, a single band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth version 4.2. With GPS there are no problems, everything works as it should.

The front camera is very simple, the photos are plain.
The camera interface is typical for OneUI 2.0.
There is a Function “Live focus”, the second camera module is needed for this, the background is rather blurred. But the problem is that this machine very slowly focuses on objects, you can not pull your hand, especially in rooms.
As in the old days, keep the phone still as much as possible, which makes the shooting process extraordinary. Even the budget component of the device can not forgive this feature of its work. See examples of photos and a small video.
The model is originally on Android 10 and Oneui 2.0, that is, this is the latest version of the interface, which can literally be called one of the best both for flexibility in Settings and functionality, and for other points.
A few words about the multimedia capabilities of the device. It has a built-in radio with the ability to record broadcasts. The headphones act as an antenna.
Standard applications are represented by a calculator, file manager and other important applications for convenient, finished work.
Communication of the device is well maintained, the volume of the buzzer is above average, the vibration is insignificant. These are positive aspects.
A01 is a competitor to the mass of devices, and they are usually characterized by the presence of 3 GB of RAM, a fingerprint sensor, slightly superior to the camera. You can list these endless competitors, the device noticeably loses almost all models of its segment. But this is Samsung, which, apparently, should warm its buyers.

The miracle did not happen, Samsung could not make an attractive budget device, but the paradox is that it is sold and in large quantities. In my opinion, the purchase of A01 is justified if you need Samsung and no one else.


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