Samsung Galaxy S9, 64GB, Lilac Purple – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

223.00 $

Color Lilac Purple
Memory Storage Capacity 64 GB
Operating System Android
Screen Size 5.8 Inches
Display Type AMOLED
Cellular Technology 2G
Manufacturer Samsung
Other camera features Rear
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Samsung Galaxy S9, 64GB, Lilac Purple – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)
Samsung Galaxy S9, 64GB, Lilac Purple - Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

If you do not go into details, you can say that Samsung Gala .And S9 is an almost complete copy of its predecessor, Gala .s8. Why almost? Well, because even hermetically pierced Heiter Samsung immediately notes that the fingerprint scanner of the novelty has moved to the “right place”. Well, then, as in the chain, it will trample on other changes that can not be ignored.
So I don’t want to be like all the ignorant techno parties that say there’s no difference between S9 and S8.

Changes in the appearance of Gala.and S9 is really enough. This is a brushed aluminum frame that looks much stronger than the brilliant recklessness of the S8. There is a completely black glass on the front side: when the display is turned off, the surface merges with black frames, and the sensors at the top are almost not visible. This and attention to detail when designing the device with the main camera and fingerprint sensor.
Such nonsense at first glance and opinion about the design of Gala .and S9 is growing. The smartphone looks like the most refined, even perfect version of Gala .s8. Here everything is fine, everything is “as it should be”. Destroy.

Gala .And S9 is the first Samsung smartphone that connects me. Hang not as a gadget Examiner, but as an ordinary user. Very nice in terms of design, product.

If you do not take into account general impressions and minor changes that affect perception, but do not change the essence, then everything is standard. Gorilla Glass 5 curved on two sides, sturdy aluminum frame and familiar arrangement of controls
By the way, Samsung engineers obviously continue to evoke crazy perfectionists: the plugs and holes at the bottom are not all in the same line. 🙂


The Ease of use of the flagship Samsung attracted me to Gala.and S8, when I made a comparison of cameras with his participation. At The New Gala.and S9 with this is also a complete order or even better, after all, the new location of the fingerprint scanner greatly simplifies life.
The smartphone has become slightly shorter than the previous generation, but heavier. In general, the ergonomics of Gala .and top level S9 the most pleasant of the flagships of 2018. Large screen and more compact size: where to find it in the days of bucket drives?

Protection from moisture was not made. IP68 standard in Gala.and S9 is fully respected, the phone can drown, throw in the snow, wash under the tap and create other needs with water.
The main thing is not to forget that sea water for the device can be disastrous, after swimming in the sea, you need to wash all the nodes of the smartphone with fresh water.
The Galaxy S8 is equipped with a 5.8-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2960×1440 (570 ppi) and an aspect ratio of 18.5:9, which is covered by Curved Gorilla Glass 5. But all these are dry details, and what about reality?
Display Mate, a reputable screen testing resource, supports Gala. And S9 has the best display to date. It’s better than Gala.And Note 8, which surpassed all competitors in 2017.

Subjectively, the gala screen .and S9 the most qualitative and bright I have seen on smartphones. Only one screen on a mobile device caused me so much pleasure-iPad Pro 10.5, but this is a tablet, so a direct comparison between them is unlikely.

On the Galaxy screen .and S9, a lot of small improvements that Samsung’S PR isn’t even talking about. For example, energy saving and adaptive lighting are greatly improved. And the smartphone revealed two RGB light sensors (front and rear).

If the user does not like the strong contrast and color of Gala .and S9 screen, this can be corrected in the settings. The color profile of the display is extremely flexible. Although this does not completely eliminate the problem of beautifying reality on AMOLED screens, but usually allows you to make the image as close as possible to reality. For lovers of image processing on a smartphone, this is important.
Very happy with al .ayson display mode, which allows you to view the clock and all kinds of app notifications on the external screen. There are no changes compared to previous Samsung flagships, the function works perfectly.
Interestingly, competitors have not yet managed to do something similar in terms of opportunities. There are analogues of Google pi .2 electricity and Moto22 power, but the level of technology is incomparable.

Gala .s9. Camera test photo
Gala. the camera and S9 has been recreated. These are not my words, but the report of Samsung marketers who considered the variable aperture of the wide-angle camera module a revolutionary innovation.
Personally, I do not think so, because in a small increased sharpness by changing the aperture from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4 negligible. And any photographer will tell you the same thing.
But if you stick to all the marketing bullshit and look soberly at the Galaxy Camera .and S9, we will see that it is one of the most successful mobile cameras on the market. It can be easily put on a par with Google pi .2 electricity, and the camera on it looks like the background of S9 and quite pathetic. Apple was far behind the big names of mobile photography in 2018, and The New Gala .and S9 only aggravated their situation.

Destroy Gala .and S9 as for the camera can only two smartphones: The New Hua. from P20 and P20 Pro. But we’ll talk about it when they come to our test. If you do not take them into account, Samsung is one of the most popular cameras on the market.
A record aperture of f / 1.5, optical stabilization and large pixels of 1.4 µm do the trick. Gala. the camera and S9 actually shoots better than the previous generation, although this difference can only be seen when shooting at night.

Move the HDR setting from the auto to Al position. in addition, you can be sure of a perfect result in any conditions. I almost always took photos in automatic mode, using only the exposure correction slider to adjust the frame. The manual Pro mode of the Samsung camera is also good, but working with it was constantly frankly lazy: small switches and sliders on the ultra-sensitive screen are difficult to use, a lot of fake presses. It is easier to score and shoot everything in the car.
Due to the high speed of turning off the camera from the locked state and the excellent ergonomics of the case, it is a pleasure to use Gala .and S9 as a photographic tool “transported and withdrawn”. A long time ago I did not like to walk around the city and click on photos one by one.
Now about the additional features of Gala .camera and S9. This is particularly AR Emoji, a kind of attempt to respond to Apple Animoji. I would say that the attempt is extremely clumsy, if not expressed more generally. Animated men remotely resemble the owner, but the almost total absence of facial animation makes the AR emoji an extremely primitive thing. You can pamper yourself once, but use it seriously, absolutely not. It is even surprising how Samsung marketers thought about such delirium.
Masks from scars with snot and tears, in my opinion, also look much more interesting and much more treshovee than AR Emoji. Selfie with a mask at least from time to Time, Well, it can be sent to anyone.

The next big innovation is video recording. Samsung taught the Galaxy S9 camera to record extremely slow video in HD – 960 fps for 0.2 seconds (6 seconds at normal speed). This feature was implemented in early 2017 in Premiumperia Premium.Premium smartphones and later smartperia.

Meet.motion video recording at the Gala .and S9 is wet and uncomfortable. Especially if we are talking about a mode in which the camera itself determines when it is necessary to slow down the shot, it almost always turns out to be nonsense. You can transfer 960fps recording to manual mode, then the user presses Slo.- Mo activation button while recording a normal video.
Camera interface in Gala .And S9 has also been redesigned compared to Gala .and S8, but the differences are minimal. The basic elements and the design of the basic elements turned out to be acceptable, if you do not know what the Samsung designers have changed, you will not understand.

Gala .s9. Features of Soft go and soft Go
Samsung Galaxy S9 runs on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box, on top of the case Samsung Experience latest version. I don’t think so, but I liked it very gently .Arekomponenten on the new Samsung. For the first time in my life, probably.


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