Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Men\s Training Shoe Black/White-Gunsmoke-Atmosphere Grey 10.0

106.32 $

  • Foam sole
  • Style#: AT2863-007
  • Partial inner sleeve from toe to mid-foot helps you train faster, longer.
  • Ultra-light Nike ZoomX midsole delivers Nike Running’s greatest energy return yet.
  • Engineered heel collar tapers away from foot for comfort around your Achilles tendon.
  • Angled heel optimizes initial touchdown and provides a smooth transition.

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Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Men\s Training Shoe Black/White-Gunsmoke-Atmosphere Grey 10.0
Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Men\s Training Shoe Black/White-Gunsmoke-Atmosphere Grey 10.0

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2: general information
Nike was one of the first to enter the era of hyperproductive running equipment that provides benefits to runners.

This Turbo 2 variant of the Pegasus family, elevates this shoe line to the Elite class, which consists of shoes, in which records are set.
Sneakers are equipped with a light upper and foam on the platform with a height difference of 10 mm.
The Nike Pegasus family of sneakers has a long history. Usually it is a shoe that creates a small risk and gives good results, has passed checks and updates for many years.

Instead of offering a sharp increase in prices and significant changes in design, Nike launched the Turbo 2 variant, aimed at a market segment where the overall design of Pegasus sneakers is needed, but using the latest foam technology, which serves as the exclusive foam for ZoomX.

This model is only the second in the line of Turbo sneakers and has made minor changes compared to the original version.

The Turbo 2 sneakers have the same design as the tread and midsole, but apply a simpler upper design without Flywire technology or a central strip of fabric prominent over the toe area.

The Turbo 2 has a narrower tongue and heel than the original Turbo sneakers.

Someone will like weight reduction and fit on foot, and someone thinks that the thin tongue and a narrow heel area causes problems when trying to grab the landing of sneakers on the feet. I feel like once the last people, because I had to run several tracks, to understand how to properly adjust the windlass, to him did not feel too tight around the heel.

With these sneakers, Nike competes with other massive models of sneakers for the marathon, as this foam technology was used in the Nike Breaking2 sneakers and now Nike has applied it to the platform of the popular model.
Sports shoes sole
The main value of Pegasus Turbo 2 is related to the sole of this shoe. Protecting the ZoomX foam and at the same time providing a good grip, a layer of rubber is applied to the sole, with greater concentration in the heel and toe areas.

Rubber elements hexagonal figure provides sufficient grip and increased the distance between the hexagons, leaving the intervals where the foam is visible, apparently provide sole lightness and strength.In in addition to the two rubber bands that run along the edges of the sole, the entire central part consists of open rubber pads that maintain the same hexagonal pattern.

Such a wide opening that opens the foam indicates that this shoe focuses on light running due to strength.

A feature of this tread is the striking rectangular outline over the hexagonal pattern on the front of the sole. This rectangular mask placed here in part to increase the resistance, but it seems that this rudiment of design that simulates the strip of rectangular fabric not original Pegasus Turbo shoes, which is no longer represented in 2 Turbo.

From my point of view, this tread is suitable for Competition, Track training and most rainy days. But I am sure that the sneakers lose a significant part of the clutch after a few hundred kilometers, when the hexagonal rubber lining collapses, because they are relatively thin.

But the most important thing about this shoe is the use of ZoomX foam. If you don’t know what this foam is, remember that it is the lightest and most energy efficient foam Nike has ever produced.

Nike claims that the ZoomX foam formula provides an energy return of 85%. For reference, the other foams produced by Nike returned 60-65% of the energy.

The science and biomechanics of the basis of effective foam materials, always evolving, so it is difficult to quantify how much faster the runner will be in sneakers with more efficient foam, but it is clear that the foam feels elastic, soft and will not slow down the race.

But for many runners, the question of how much it makes sense to pay extra for small improvements that can bring only a few seconds at a distance of 4 km is still open.

Someone may decide that it is better to spend the money on sports nutrition, a soda or a second pair of sports shoes that will allow you to stay out more often.

After training and competition, I believe that this foam should be taken into account by participants in the competition at frequently used distances of 10 km or more.
Front view
The design of the top evokes opposing views. Someone likes the thin fabric and neat appearance, and someone would like Nike to use more coatings and apply thicker material.

You should note that most of the top looks neat, as it is made of almost continuous synthetic mesh. Thanks to the large number of holes, it is well breathable.
Of course, in these sneakers you are more likely to run a little faster, but it is possible that the basic model of this shoe will be more comfortable, longer or more elegant.



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