Hubsan Zino Pro Plus 4K Drone UHD Camera 3-Axis Gimbal GPS FPV RC Quadcopter with Carrying Bag, 8KM SyncLeas Transmission Brushless Motor Auto Return Home 39mins Flight Time

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  • Hubsan Zino Pro Plus supports 13MP aerial photos and 4K/30fps with max 60Mbps bitrates for shooting stunning videos. 4K UHD camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal camera stabilizer that offers smooth and stable footage.
  • Up to 8KM video transmission (no interference, no obstacle); Max flight time: 43 minutes (25km/h slow speed cruise); Drone battery capacity: 5000mAh. With brushless motor. GPS Auto Return to Home: One-button RTH /Low Batery RTH / Failsafe RTH
  • Time-lapse Photography&Panorama Mode – It has free and circle time-lapse photography mode, the drone will take a series of photos and combine them together to make a time-lapse video automatically. Supports sphere, 180°, vertical and wide angle panorama modes, it takes a series of photos and you can stitch them together for a panorama aerial photo.
  • With a smart charger adapter, it supports to charge 3 batteries in sequence at once and the battery can be used as a power bank for external power supply. Intelligent battery capacity: 11.4V 5000mAh. Two batteries and carrying bag included.
  • Functions: 4K UHD camera /3-axis gimbal /headless mode /creative video /auto return to home /image tracking /orbiting /waypoint /line fly mode /Time-lapse Photography /detachable filter /search the apron /panorama mode

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The Hubsan company decided not to stop on a quadcopter, and a couple of days ago in Chinese stores an updated folding drone appeared-Hubsan Zino Pro.

Hubsan Zino Pro has foldable design, 4K UHD camera, 3-axis gyroscope, GPS + GLONASS support, 4km flight distance and flight time up to 23 minutes.

We wrote the first review of Hubsan Zino Pro, which analyzed all the features of the new drone. As usual, let’s start with the design, and then consider the features, functions
Zino Pro is a compact quadcopter. Its dimensions when folded are 18 x 10 x 9 cm and when folded are 30 x 25 x 9 cm.this greatly simplifies its use and transportation.

As for weight, compared to other compact drones, the Hubsan Zino Pro is quite heavy – 700 grams.
The body of the device is made of plastic, and it is available only in matte black. In my opinion, Hubsan Zino Pro looks quite stylish and a bit aggressive.

On the top panel of the drone we see the logo of the manufacturer and the model of the device. Also here is a round button for turning on the quadcopter.

On the front of the drone is a camera. We will talk about its features a little later.

On the back of the drone there is a special compartment for installing the battery. The battery is removable and easy to replace. To remove the battery, you need to press the large button on the right side.

Also on the right side there is a microSD card slot and a USB charging connector. By the way, Hubsan Zino Pro supports memory cards with capacities from 16 GB to 64 GB.

On each of the four propellers are LED bulbs that light up during flight. They make the drone more visible during the flight in the dark.

Under each screw and chamber there are small legs. During the landing, Hubsan Zino Pro lands on these legs, making the body not scratched.

Particular attention should be paid to the configuration Hubsan Zino Pro, because here it is quite large and diverse.

Hubsan Zino Pro: packing list
The Quadcopter Hubsan Zino Pro comes standard with a remote control, a battery, two sets of propellers, two sets of propellers, protection of the suspension, screwdriver, AC adaptor, charger, USB cable for charging the battery, USB cable to charge the remote control, 3 power cables, the RC and a user manual.

When ordering the drone, you can add another, two or three spare batteries and a bag to store and transport the quadcopter.

Of course, the price of Hubsan Zino Pro will vary depending on the configuration you choose.

Hubsan Zino Pro: Remote Control
Let’s talk briefly about the remote control. It is also quite compact and comfortable to hold in your hand. At the bottom of the remote control there is a smartphone holder. On the right side is the microUSB connector for connecting to the smartphone.

Hubsan Zino Pro First Foldable Drone Review

At the top we see two folding antennas for good communication of the remote control with the drone.

In general, the remote control looks like a joystick for a game console. It is easy to use, convenient and intuitive.

Hubsan Zino Pro: Features

The Hubsan Zino Pro is powered by a brushless motor. As you may know, brushless motor is better than brushing because it offers less friction during flight and longer service life.

The maximum speed of Zino Pro is 9 meters per second.

Despite its high flight speed, the control of the quadcopter is quite comfortable and predictable, thanks to the built-in 3-axis stabilizer and GPS + GLONASS modules. It is possible to make flights even in windy weather.

For comparison, the last Hubsan Zino drone had a flight distance of 2.5 km.

The video transmission distance for the remote control is also 4 km. even if the quadcopter loses connection with the remote control, it will automatically return to the launch point.

Hubsan Zino Pro records video on a 4K UHD camera. the camera uses a 1/3 inch Sony sensor. The maximum video resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second.

In addition, the drone has a processor Ambarella A12S. as I wrote before, for stabilization is responsible for 3-axis mechanical suspension.

By the way, the camera lens is removable, and you can change it to apply different filters.

As for the battery, the Hubsan Zino Pro is equipped with a removable 3000 mah battery. One charge lasts 23 minutes of flight. It takes about 180 minutes to fully charge the battery.

To avoid waiting all this time, you can also buy another battery. When one of them is unloaded, it changes in a second and continues to fly.

The remote control has its own 2600 mah battery.

To start launching the Hubsan Zino Pro drone, you will only need a few minutes.

First, take the drone out of the box, straighten the screws and press the power button. After that, you need to download the X-HUBSAN application on your smartphone. The QR code to download the app can be found in the user manual or just download the app in Google Play Store or App Store.

Install the app, sync your drone with your smartphone, turn on the remote and Hubsan Zino Pro is ready to fly!

As for the features, Hubsan Zino Pro does not have too many. The drone is able to take 360-degree panoramic photos, fly in a straight line and follow the selected object. This can be useful, for example, for a cyclist or motorist. A very useful function since you do not need to constantly control the drone; it will follow you on its own.

An “orbit” function is also available when the drone flies around the specified point. It can be a city landmark or a beautiful natural site.

The last function is called “Auxiliary Landing vision”. Before starting the flight, you need to specify a specific point for the takeoff and landing of the drone. When the battery runs out, or you just decide to end the flight, simply press the button on the remote control to return the drone, after which Hubsan Zino Pro automatically finds the take-off place and climbs to it.


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