Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 40 Hours of Listening Time, Built-in Microphone – Black (Latest Model)

135.99 $

Brand Beats
Color Black
Connections Bluetooth, NFC
Model Name Solo
Headphones Form Factor On Ear

About this item

  • High-performance wireless Bluetooth headphones in black
  • Features the Apple W1 chip and Class 1 wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • With up to 40 hours of battery life, Beats Solo3 wireless is your perfect everyday headphone
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • With Fast Fuel, 5 minutes of charging gives you 3 hours of playback when battery is low
  • Adjustable fit with comfort-cushioned ear cups made for everyday use
  • Sleek, streamlined design that’s durable and affordable to go everywhere you do
  • Take calls, control your music, and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls
  • The award-winning sound and design you’ve come to love from Beats, with premium playback with fine-tuned acoustics that maximize clarity, breadth, and balance

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Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 40 Hours of Listening Time, Built-in Microphone – Black (Latest Model)
Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 40 Hours of Listening Time, Built-in Microphone - Black (Latest Model)

40 hours on a single charge with Beats Solo3
The last time Beats updated its range of headphones was two years ago, after a deal with Apple. From the new models, I expected something fresh-the guy who would make me throw out the Parrot Zik 3 and look for new pieces. Expect.

This year, Apple introduced the AirPods brand headphones and a new range of Beats: Solo3, Powerbeats3 and BeatsX. They are all united by a small but important detail-the W1 chip. At the time of writing the review, only Solo3 was on sale, the only headset available with this chip.

I listened to them all week, it’s time to share impressions.
Externally, it remains the same only2: a lot of plastic, the construction is collapsible and quite fragile. As always, there are many colors available, but now matte models predominate, only two glossy-black and white. Apparently under Black Jet and the next White Jet.

The power button is on the right cup, under it are the charge level indicators. The chip is convenient, the battery charge can be controlled without headphones.
The music control is centered on the left and is not very convenient. To start playing and editing tracks, click on the letter “b”, to adjust the volume, on the buttons at the top. Blindly, finding where b is already finished and the volume buttons have started is difficult.

And the sound of pressing the buttons is extremely annoying-a loud and plastic click, it sounds cheap.

Another disappointment was the microUSB port. No joke? Where’s Lightning? Now, on a business trip, I have to take a charge for MacBook with USB-C, a magnetic charge for Apple Watch, Lightning for iPhone and microUSB for headphones. A wireless future, they said.

The most interesting thing is that the new BeatsX received a lightning connector, while Solo3 and Powerbeats3 did not. I didn’t get it.

Headphones are not for all ears
Sit sole3 tight, extraneous noises almost do not penetrate. At the same time, they press uncomfortably on their ears, after an hour of continuous listening, they need to be removed to rest. In addition, they greatly warm the ears. Now it’s also good, especially if you walk around the city, but in the summer it will be a problem. Before buying, try it and listen necessarily.

The folding mechanism does not seem reliable, it can break over time, but it is very convenient. The headphones fit quietly into the jacket pocket and take up a minimum of space in the backpack.

Solo3 will choose active people who do not sit in crowded desks and never part with music. With them it is pleasant to walk around the city or listen to music on the street. In addition, your cargo will be enough to fly twice from Moscow to Los Angeles and return. And all thanks to the new chip.

What is the chip?
The main chip of Solo3 is the W1 chip developed by Apple. It does exactly three things:

Sync your headphones with all your Apple appliances.
Increases the range of the wireless connection;
Increases the autonomy of the helmet;
And now, more about each function.

Apple can make shows even from the normal pairing of devices. Just remember how the Apple Watch connects to the iPhone.

Headphones with W1 chips also connect beautifully, quickly and easily. Just turn on your iPhone’s Bluetooth, turn on your headphones, and hold down the “Power” button for five seconds. An elegant tab with the image and name of the headset will appear on the iPhone screen. Click ” Connect – – and everything you can hear.
It is no longer necessary to go to the settings, wait for the two devices to meet, and not the fact that after that they will connect. But the magic doesn’t end there.

After the first connection, the headphones are connected not only to the iPhone, but to your Apple id account.That is, all your devices already know these headphones and are ready to work with them. The system works perfectly and is available on all headphones with W1 chips.

After the Solo3 test, it became even more interesting to see the new AirPods.

The W1 chip increases the connection range almost four times compared to normal Bluetooth. You can listen to music 30-40 meters from the smartphone, without fear that it will be interrupted.

I tried in a large room, leaving the phone in the locker, when I walked in. During training, the connection was never broken, the tracks changed, Siri worked. A real freedom of cables, and now of a smartphone.

Long-time work
Beats Solo3 works 40 (!!!) Desk. For comparison, the Solo2 worked 12, and my Parrot Zik 3 lasted 18 hours. That is, they can live about a week on one load.

Apparently, the W1 chip understands when you are listening to music and when the headphones are idle, and helps not to waste so much energy. In addition, there is a function of fast charging — 5 minutes on the socket will be enough for 3 hours of use.

My thoughts on the new chip
After the presentation, many spoke, they say, this chip is a usual marketing move. But this is exactly the chip for which you want to buy these headphones.

I look at Zik 3 with the old Bluetooth, which is not even displayed in the Notification Center, and I understand that these simple solutions and create a positive user experience. If the sound is also increased…
Classic bass without surprises
The sound here is classic for Beats products. Too low, flooded mids and too soft high frequencies. Of course, the depth of the scene and details are better than the budget beats EP, but these headphones are not universal.

Funny observation: during the Solo3 test, songs by Alicia Keys, Stwo, Lost Frequencies appeared on my playlist. A music that is not typical of a person who listens mainly to fierce hardcore and metal.

But in these headphones it sounds good, it’s nice to hear it. Therefore, if you prefer hip hop and electronic music, you will not be disappointed.

Take or not?
Honestly, Solo3s are interesting, mainly because of the W1 chip. So far, these are the only over-the-ear headphones that have one. Otherwise, they are no different from the previous version.

You should buy a Solo3 if:

Want to try the new W1 chip right now;
Prefer hip hop and electronic music;
Are you a fan of Beats headphones and buy all their novelties;
You like to be fashionable, and the fashionable letter “b” on the headset softens the imperfections in the sound.


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