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Home Theater Systems

Today, multimedia complexes that allow you to watch different movies at home are gaining popularity. When the work units are set up and organized correctly, the home theater will make you dive headlong into what is happening on the screen.

High-quality sound and sharp, rich image depend not only on the class of installed equipment. Much decides the configuration of the equipment, the location of devices intended to transmit acoustics in the room.
Today we will decide what is included in the set of the home theater room. Consider the standards of video systems and the acoustics of full immersion.

Here are examples of the best budget equipment for watching movies comfortably at home.
The home theater system is a complex of equipment with many functions aimed at transmitting a high-quality video image to the Monitor screen.

The sound speakers included with the amplifier and additional equipment are designed to enhance the presence effect.

The complex in question provides the ability to see a high-quality image on the Monitor and get a “pure”sound.

The main aspect is the effect of presence, whether it is a large room, or a room of small size. Buying and installing a complex in a residential space is essentially one of the ways to organize an entertainment center in a living space or a separate area of an apartment or a private house.
A few words about the possibilities of using a smartphone, why it is necessary.

The Smart TV function can not only use services specially created by the manufacturer. The system allows you to work with a normal browser. The SmartTV feature package is completed with each manufacturer at its discretion. The main thing is that all manufacturers have a custom upgrade system.
Home theater can be considered without exaggeration as an ideal option for watching movies, sports programs and listening to concerts by all family members.
Let’s decide what the home theater consists of, what it includes.
The cinema kit includes:

DVD player.
Sound decoder.
AV receiver. Its main purpose: to convert the digital signal to analog.
Amplifier and speaker system with subwoofer.
LCD TV (in liquid crystals).
The screen is installed in the middle of the room. Speakers should be placed at the same distance from each other, including spectators. Experts recommend that the speakers mounted on the back be mounted in such a way that they are above the person’s head.

If we have dealt with the topic of columns it is necessary to clarify that they can be:

installed on the floor of the room;
ceiling option;
and built.
Today it is integrated, preferably speakers. They are already set up to convey to viewers a quality and natural sound.

Video standards
As a video for the cinema, you can use various equipment-from a smartphone to a laptop.

Many prefer to use a Blu-ray player. To get a high-quality image, you can also use a stationary computer.

The cinema kit includes speakers that are an integral part of the system. They convey all the nuances of the soundtrack of one or another action that occurs on the Monitor screen.

It is necessary to place the kit correctly so that the quality of sound reproduction is as close as possible to the level of a real movie theater. After all, in order to get a normal sound, it is enough to install simple stereo speakers, and the effect of acoustics is important to us.
Only a subwoofer with a 20-centimeter speaker (this is 8 inches) will help to feel all the nuances of sound effects. Bassboost technologies give the opportunity to amplify the bass, kick on the tracks.

The use of dolbypro allows you to artificially split the rear channels and at the same time extend to the full band of the selected frequencies.
The subwoofer is placed in a certain place, and satellite speakers are placed in the area of the room.

If a home theater is installed in a room that has an area of 20 to 30 m2, the power of 100V speakers is enough.
Most manufacturers are limited to a sound performance of 80-100 DB.
Usually the manufacturer in the instructions indicates how to properly install the complex. Returning to the columns, you need to know that each of them has its own purpose.

The speakers are:

And those who ride behind the viewer.
If desired, you can purchase wireless acoustics, which today is at the forefront of demand and sales. You can set different options, but it is necessary to pursue one goal-it is important to get the acoustics for a full immersion.
The sound should envelop the viewer and reach him from behind, in front and from the sides, ahead of all the tones of the soundtrack of the broadcast being watched.

What is the AV receiver for
The cinema kit includes an AV receiver, which is the “brain” of the entire system. Includes a switch for digital and analog direction audio and video signals.

It is able to receive the signal from ten independent sources. The AV receiver included with the cinema equipment is worth your money. Its purchase and installation will help to feel the smallest changes in the incoming sound.

DSP signal microprocessors perform encoding reading and digital stream conversion. The backward flow is distributed by a multi-channel power amplifier. Usually these are 5-7 amplifiers included in a single unit.
Additional positive possibilities include reading the SD card. It should be understood that all formats can not be counted at a high level.

Interestingly, to watch the broadcast at a convenient time for you, this function is an indispensable assistant. Home theater in a single box with 3d support expands the functionality and capabilities of the system.
Another positive aspect is the ability to connect to any device of modern devices, and the presence of 1460 W speakers will allow you to fully experience the acoustic effect.
In conclusion

Today, watching normal TV can not cause a storm of positive emotions and experiences together with the heroes of your favorite films. Only the home theater gives the fullness of sensations and the effect of presence.
Buying modern home equipment, you can arrange a full rest in the circle of friends and family.

Happy shopping, friends!