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Blu-Ray players review: Blue style movies

Each DC system starts with a Blu-ray player. This is the first device that works with the audio signal and models all subsequent impressions, and its importance can not be overestimated. If the AV receiver is the heart of the home theater, the Blu-ray player is its backbone.

We want more excitement from the movies, and players face increasingly difficult challenges every year. First they learned how to translate old movies into Full HD, then they turned our living rooms into 3D worlds and even helped make old TVs smarter with their modern features.

This year, 4K technology caused a furore, and it’s no wonder that scaling to 4K is already considered a must-have feature of the new models. In today’s test, LG’s flagship player will compete with the best players from Sony and Panasonic. In terms of technical characteristics, they almost do not differ-it seems that the winner will have to be determined in the final photo.

LG BP740
LG has long tried to compete with major market players, however, its Blu-ray players have been very good, and no more.

The BP740 is the flagship model of the LG 2014 line. Externally, it is very good: silver and black two-tone finish, stylized control buttons, LED display and flip cover.

The configuration is quite simple, the menu system is thoughtful and convenient. One of LG’s included “magic” remotes, the Magic Remote, supports point and select functions, like the Wii, and is also equipped with all traditional buttons.

We would not give up a second HDMI like Panasonic, but for most systems, one would suffice. There is also an optical output and an Ethernet connector, built-in Wi-Fi and a USB port on the front panel that accepts photos, audio and video of all popular formats. The list is completed with DLNA and Miracast.

The main advertising feature of the BP740 is to scale to 4K; however, you won’t be able to fully appreciate its benefits if you don’t have a 4K display.

Disks load quickly and respond to commands. The film “The Adventures Of Tintin: The Mystery of the unicorn” on the Blu-ray disc pleases the clarity, detail and accuracy of the studio.

The color palette is noticeably cooler than the Panasonic bdt460; it transmits colors very naturally, but lacks some vigor.

The sound is also characterized by lower saturation, giving Panasonic the scale and strength of the bass. The mid-range is good; the voices are transmitted cleanly and convincingly in all cases, from 3D discs to scale movies on DVD. The picture in the movie “Jurassic Park” in 3D is luxurious, has high details and enviable depth. The movement seems smooth and stable in most cases. The bp740 scale processor is strong enough to breathe new life into old DVD movies, but it also has drawbacks: a sharp, detailed image turns out to be substantially noisier than the Panasonic bdt470 or the Sony BDP-6200.

The list of On-demand services from LG is quite impressive. Here, the remote control has the opportunity to prove itself at its best: with its help, changing menu items and searching for the desired content is much easier. There are no complaints about the download speed.

In this year’s models, the” private sound ” mode has returned, which allows you to transmit audio from a DVD or Blu-ray disc to a smartphone or tablet to which headphones are connected. It supports constant synchronization of sound with the image and allows you to watch movies at night without disturbing other family members.

Therefore, LG BP740 is good, works well and will be a reliable companion for many DC systems. However, to enter the number of the strongest in this price category, the sound and image quality are missing.

Score: 4

For: elegant design; equipment; clarity; convincing 3D image

Cons: screen noise when scaling; sound lacks density and persuasion

Verdict: a noticeable improvement over previous models, but not yet perfect

Figures and facts

Outputs: 1 HDMI, 1 optical
Inputs: 1 USB
Built-in WiFi: Yes
3D: yes
Scale. up to 4K: Yes
Weight: 1.5 kg
Size (H×W × D): 4 × 43 × 21cm
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Panasonic knows how to create a magnificent Blu-ray player; the DMP-bdt460 fits all the virtues of the 2014 line. This is the second flagship model with an advanced set of features including 4K zoom.

At this price point, this function is not uncommon, but we are not yet sure of its usefulness: to watch video in 4K, you need a suitable screen, and they themselves can zoom in and out. But the main thing about the player is the quality of playback, and in this sense, the DMP-bdt460 is very good. “Pacific Frontier” on a Blu-ray disc is great. The colors are a little brighter than neutrals, but they do not overheat excessively; the skin tones are realistic, the overall color palette is rich and vibrant.

Clear contours and perfectly worked details give depth to landscapes; the finest wefts of hair are perfectly written. The transmission of movement also does not cause complaints, in the first scene, the overflight of the air fleet, it is smooth and stable. The talent of Panasonic delights even more with the 3D film Gravity: the contrast of the bottomless depths of space and the bright colors of the Earth is incredible.

The depth of the 3D image is excellent, as well as its overall quality; rounded elements, like the viewer of the heroine Sandra Bullock’s spacesuit, look completely real. The quality of movement is excellent, except for DVD playback-in some cases, the zoom of the video is slightly reduced, which leads to instability. However, this defect is not big enough to spoil the visual experience; the image in standard resolution is sharp, balanced and almost silent.

But what struck us most was the sound quality: it is so dense, heavy and exciting that, compared to this, even the Sony BDP-S6200 looks like a poor relative. The explosions are deep and powerful, the soundtracks are rich and detailed, the voices are full of emotions.

The active DMP-BDT460 is two HDMI 2.0 ports, Internet via built-in Wi-Fi, DLNA and playback of files from SD card and USB devices in formats such as MKV, Xvid, MP4, FLAC, AAC, MP3 and WAV.

Deferred viewing services and video-on-demand are available on the Internet app list; and Netflix also has its own button on the remote control. It also has a button for the Miracast function, which allows you to stream content from a compatible smartphone or tablet to a TV.

Panasonic’s strict black-silver housing is equipped with a clean flip cover, behind which the disk receiver and USB ports are hidden.

The DMP-BDT460 is good at the most important thing: its image and sound are great, there are also many useful functions. At this price point, you are unlikely to have many worthy competitors.

Score: 5

For: clear and detailed image; rich color palette; heavy and dynamic sound; zoom; excellent 3D quality

Cons: nothing

Verdict: excellent player with excellent image and sound

Figures and facts

Outputs: 2 HDMI, 1 optical
Inputs: 2 USB
Built-in WiFi: Yes
3D: yes
Scale. up to 4K: Yes
Weight: 1.2 kg
Dimensions (H×W × D) 4 × 42 × 18 cm
Sony BDP-S6200
It is worth taking a look at the lists of winners for the past two years, and it will immediately become clear that Sony has mastered the mastery of creating Blu-ray players-proof of this are two product titles of the year and several Best Buy Awards. However, its main competitor, Panasonic, showed great form in 2014; will Sony keep the lead won?

The BDP-S6200 occupies the second step at the top of the 2014 line of five models; this roughly fits the position of the Panasonic bdt460. The company has retained the rectangular design of last year’s “sense of Quartz” case, making it a little more symmetrical. Glossy black plastic finish will not please everyone.

There is a triangular button built into the top panel-one of its corners is responsible for turning on the player, the second is the removal of the disk. All other controls are located on the remote control.

It has improved compared to last year, but still looks too cheap. However, for control you can use the Sony Sideview application.

The image quality of the BDP-S6200 more than compensates for all the flaws. The film “Man Of Steel” on a Blu-ray disc immediately conquers the viewer. The dual-core processor offers unparalleled clarity and detail; the balanced color palette has some restraint. Sony manages to recreate complex body tones.