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The best manufacturers of children’s walkers-whom to give preference?
The production of walkers is engaged not only in world famous brands, but also in numerous little-known companies. Products from reliable and reliable manufacturers can be divided into several groups:

products of famous brands for children (Jetem, Chicco, Capella, Baby Care). Relatively inexpensive walkers, fully meet all safety and quality requirements. These manufacturers, improving quality and expanding the range in recent years, are leaders in the sector that interests us. This, by the way, includes the manufacturer’s cart, which produces high-quality and functional children’s products;
products from European brands (ForKiddy, Chipolino and Safety). High-quality expensive walkers, more perfect in technical terms;
cheap products (Everflo, Babyhit, Selby and Barty). These walkers, made of thin plastic, are equipped with simple game panels and have simplified technical characteristics. Good quality (for a child is enough)
For registration! Decide for yourself whether to overpay for a well-known brand. Of course, for a child you need to buy all the best, but, if you understand, Walkers have a limited duration (until the child starts walking alone). In any case, the purchase of nameless products should be abandoned, since it can not only be useless, but also harmful to the health of children.

Our small ranking of the best walkers in various categories, based on the analysis of technical characteristics and consumer feedback, will help you make the right choice!