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AV Receivers & Amplifiers

What is an AV receiver?

Let’s start our review of AV receivers with an explanation of what a multi-device complex is. Combine includes:

tuner (terrestrial radio and Internet),
preamp (signal switch),
processor (processes and converts audio and video signals from digital to analog),
power amplifier.
Mid-range and high-end models have additional features. For example, devices costing from 50 000 rubles can arrange the sound in zones (Multiroom). If these zones are “passive”, you can set the equipment so that music sounds simultaneously in two or even three rooms. If the areas are “active”, you can see several audio tracks in the rooms (for example, in the nursery and in the living room).


This module allows you to receive the signal from the FM station or internet radio. Without it, the AV receiver essentially turns into an amplifier. Strange, very powerful and functional, but only amplification equipment.


It is a device that amplifies a weak signal that is taken directly from the media (disks, cassettes, flash cards). It is located as close as possible to the collection equipment, such as a CD player or FM tuner.

The main purpose of this module-to improve the quality of video or audio to a processor level is able to properly treat. The ” preamp “to some extent performs the function of noise suppression, amplifying only the” useful ” component of the input signal.


This is the most important component of the AV receptor, its “brain”. Here the signal is converted from digital to analog format. Regardless of the “advanced” speakers, sound generation is carried out directly from analog devices-speakers and subwoofers.

The main task of the most correct part unzip the “compressed” information, read with support or coming from the Internet. The signal is then sent to the amplifier and from it to the acoustic components.

Power amplifier

This component amplifies the signal that goes from the processor to the acoustics. The speakers and subwoofer are connected directly to it. Why do you need it? Any signal that enters the speaker system must be amplified to achieve a truly powerful and deep sound.

The “amplifier” solves two problems: unloading the electronic filling of a home theater or stereo system and “maximally charging” the speakers. When working with less data, electronics do not overheat, and acoustics receive an amplified signal and produce a powerful sound.
The general trend is that Japanese AV receivers (Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo, Sony and Marantz) are still ahead of American, Canadian and European models. Apparently, this situation will continue in the near future.

If you look at specific brands, the favorites of AV receiver reviews are the proven brands Denon, Yamaha and Onkyo. Most experts recommend buying equipment from these manufacturers. Experienced buyers vote for these brands with wallets, buying them more often than the products of other companies.