Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen)

Friday August 6, 2021 |
Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen)

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Gen 2 has a slimmer profile but more depth

By Prime Consumer on May 3, 2020

I have both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 contact sensors. For windows, I like the Gen 2 sensors more than the Gen 1 sensors because they are smaller and a little less noticeable when looking out of a window. The height and width of the Gen 2 sensors are smaller (1st photo is a Gen 1 sensor for comparison; 2nd and 3rd photos are Gen 2 sensors). However, the depth of the sensor is greater so it may not fit some windows that the Gen 1 sensors fit on. Both Gen 1 and 2 are smaller than the equivalent sensors that I had previously with ADT.

I have bottom up and top down double hung windows so had to place the sensor and magnet on the window itself so opening/closing either the top or bottom window would be detected.

The packaging is more efficient on the Gen 2 sensor. The adhesive is already applied to the sensor and the magnet. Installation is quicker compared to Gen 1 in which you had to apply the adhesive strip onto the sensor and magnet first. There was not a screw on attachment as there was for Gen 1.

You do need to leave some room around the sensor so you can remove it to replace the battery (whenever they eventually wear out).

UPDATE 8/23/2020: Battery ran out
After a mere 3 months, the battery on one of the Ring contact sensors V2 has run out completely. This seems odd as I bought the V2 sensors as soon as they came out, so they couldn’t have sat on the shelves for long. None of my V1 sensors have run out of batteries. One of the other reviews mentioned that the V2 sensors run through the batteries quickly. I’ll see how my other V2 sensors do.

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